Automatic Hologram Cards Hot Stamping Machines

Automatic Hot Stamping Machines for PVC Card( PVC Card Foil Printer for Anti-counterfeit trademarks)

Machine Parameters:

Quality / Safety Certification:ISO9001-2000

Technical parameters:

1 Power Supply: 220V 50Hz.
2. Foil Printing Area: 54x85.5mm
3. Working table size: 30x30mm
4. Stamping head stroke: 35mm
5.Card Width: 54 ± 1mm
6. Heating power: 200W
7. Stamping position error: <0.1mm
8. Maximum stamping speed: 3200 / h
9. Rail horizontal trim: 80mm
10. Guideway vertical trim: 50mm
11. Servo Motor: 200W
12. Rewinding motor: 15W
13. Temperature range: -300 ?
14. Consumption: <5L/min
15. Stamping pressure ? 1000Kg
16. Way of feeding: optical servo positioning
17. Weight: 280Kg
18. Dimensions: 1100x800x1400mm


1. PLC control, easy operation.
2. linkage design, strong pressure.
3. stamping pressure, temperature, transfer time are adjustable.
4. Feed guide rail be adjustable in horizontally and vertically. pressing process is easily adjustable.
5. Micro Adjustment for the pressing head's elevated bench
6.servo motor foil releasing, adjustable optical positioning on foil collection.
7. PVC Card storage system for feeding card automatically.
8. Belt drive for automatic card admission.
9. Automatic stamping process.
10. Adoping the amount of high-precision control of mechanical devices, to ensure more accuracy.

Price: $ 13,900.00