ATMs and Other Self-Service Banking

Banks install large numbers of ATMs and self-service kiosks to improve service, enhance marketability, and reduce labor costs. These tools provide round-the-clock services for their customers. But with convenience comes potential safety risks as well.

ATM machines are best for routine transactions – deposits and withdrawals, for example. But the combination of openly handling cash and exposure to vulnerabilities can make some customers hesitant. Hikvision’s ATM and self-service bank security solutions help you to vastly improve security at these devices, giving customers peace of mind and capturing vital footage and information for transaction disputes and forensics. 

Unobtrusive Monitoring for ATM Machines

Covert cameras, paired with customized ATM DVRs, provide unobtrusive, round-the-clock monitoring for ATM machines. Recording transaction details and respecting customer privacy are equally important, and that’s why the camera will cloak certain areas – the keypad, for example – to exclude personal information.

Powered by advanced algorithms, unusual behavior can be detected – such as the attempt to install a card scanner. The auto-alarm function prevents crime and accelerates security responses.

ATM Information Overlay

Critical information such as date, time, location, and much more, can be layered on top of the live video feed and recorded footage. This information is vital when reviewing video for forensic purposes, to resolve customer disputes, to track employee-related events, and more. Overlaid content can be customized for your specific needs. On-screen data with sharp, reliable video footage, combine to create a vital security system.

Intelligent Detection for Self-Service Banking

Self-service banking requires both CCTV surveillance and preventive measures. Hikvision's solutions process alarms automatically when the VCAs detect behaviors such as fighting, violent movements, and objects left unattended. System operators can capture events and notify security guards immediately.