Right now, ATMs globally are processing up to 70% of all banking transactions. Stand out from the crowd with a first of its kind solution which provides a unique and personalised experience at the ATM, BankWorld ATM suite.

BankWorld ATM is a best-in-class solution which exceeds expectations by not only offering advanced services such as bill presentment, fast loans and money vouchers, but also a cutting-edge personalised customer experience at the Automated Teller Machine. With significant recent upgrades thanks to BankWorld ATM 5, which is fully PA-DSS compliant, your bank can stay ahead of the game by allowing customers to bank their way with enticing animation and graphical effects. With BankWorld, the ATM now follows on from customers' own personal gadgets and incorporates navigation through screen swiping, carousel screens and many other user friendly actions.

With state-of-the art technologies we leverage the full capabilities of both the ATM and kiosk, allowing your bank to take advantage of these low cost, powerful and nimble channels. We install BankWorld ATM software client into each device, taking full control over the teller machine and providing intelligence and personalisation for every interaction with your customers. By doing this, we are able to create and deploy cutting edge features right there, giving you more control as well as more freedom to adapt to clients' expectations and market changes. By empowering internet-like functionality on the ATM and kiosk your bank can reduce the cost of serving customers by moving them from high cost channels such as branch to these newly enhanced and lower cost channels which are simple and convenient to use.

In addition to being fully PA-DSS compliant, some of the key updates which are now available through BankWorld ATM 5 are:

  • ATM Uptime Statistics
  • Loan Payment as Bill Presentment
  • CVV2 & Expiry Printing on PIN2
  • Create new installer for BankWorld 5.0
  • Support for HTML5 and CSS Animations
  • Cardless deposit functionality on Automated Teller Machines
  • Works on any ATM brand
  • Touch screen enabled
  • RKL with direct connection

For banks and customers, this solution heralds the introduction of a first of its kind software that brings together the personalisation, business intelligence, and advanced service capabilities offered separately by other vendors. BankWorld gives each customer their very own unique banking experience by offering advanced personalisation and segmentation facilities at the ATM. By taking a centralised view of customer information, these progressive services allow you to present actionable and timely services which customers can accept immediately. BankWorld's business intelligence features facilitate this cross selling and up selling by determining which groups of customers are suitable for which offers. These personalised product offerings help to provide an Automated Teller Machine experience which goes above and beyond your customers' expectations.

A host of innovative solutions

BankWorld ATM comes with an amazing collection of products and services that you did not think an Automated Teller Machine could provide. BankWorld helps you migrate transactions from the branch as it empowers the ATM to present all cards and account information on one screen. In addition, customers can also view and pay bills, send money to anyone from and to an ATM, get cash out from a remittance company without visiting a branch, accept an offer from the ATM, get a loan right away and much more. BankWorld is full of features that makes the banking experience better!

A universal omnichannel solution

Whatever Automated Teller Machine brand you use, BankWorld will allow you to deliver consistent offerings and branding across your entire network. BankWorld certified ATMs include NCR, Wincor-Nixdorf, Diebold, Fujistu, Nautilus-Hyosung, Eastcom and GRG. BankWorld also connects seamlessly to more than 65 different back-office systems in multiple languages.

As well as connecting simply to external hardware and systems, the integrated architecture of BankWorld makes it easy for your bank to interconnect with other BankWorld electronic channels such as the internet or mobile.

The BankWorld ATM, Kiosk and Card Management suite gives you all of the necessary tools to explore, monitor, support, design screens and campaigns, and manage cards without visiting the devices. Having now been unified under one solution by EMV SOLUTIONS, the numerous benefits and advantages are invaluable in fast growing markets where the card machine is seen as a central and trusted device. By providing a rich user interface, customers are presented with an attractive, speedy and contextual experience on the ATM or Kiosk as well as a similar look and feel to their own personal technology devices. This falls deliberately in line with our philosophy here at EMV SOLUTIONS of providing an omnichannel experience and tying the digital and physical channels together seamlessly.

Manage: Enhanced control and the freedom to adapt to market changes
EMV SOLUTIONS solutions are about much more than simply improving important customer experiences. BankWorld, CR2's leading self-service platform, lets your team take control over your entire ATM and card network. Our range of solutions includes both a full ATM and a kiosk management suite.

BankWorld ATM Software enables banks to monitor and manage their entire domestic or international ATM networks. This unique solution ensures maximum ATM uptime and differentiates your bank with innovative products and services available to customers right there on the ATM.

BankWorld Kiosk is ideal for banks looking for alternative ways to deploy non cash banking services at targeted and convenient locations. Kiosks are extremely simple and cost effective to implement and can use features from both the internet and ATM channels.

Transact: A powerful solution that does it all
With changing customer trends, more and more day-to-day transactions are now carried out on self-service channels. CR2 provides you with a robust payment switching solution that goes above and beyond. EMV SOLUTIONS BankWorld solution enables the routing of ATM and POS transactions in real-time between issuing and acquiring banks. Most importantly, the key differentiator of our switching solution is that it opens up opportunities for a switch to incorporate mobile payment and internet transactions as well as deploying value-added services across all channels.

EMV SOLUTIONS has also designed a full card management solution to issue, acquire and produce cards as well as a prepaid card solution and a suite of fraud prevention systems.

Support: Tackle challenges straight from your desk
With BankWorld, you can remotely support your network of ATMs contributing to a lower cost of ATM management. Issues can simply and efficiently be identified and resolved from your operational staff’s desk. The distribution of software and branding updates to the ATM network as well as the periodic collection of electronic journals can also be done remotely using EMV SOLUTIONS BankWorld Distributor tool.

Design: Heads of retail banking and marketing asked, we delivered
Studio is EMV SOLUTIONS’s powerful tool which allows a bank’s own staff to design and deploy branding, campaigns and products to the self-service channels, Along with BankWorld ATM, Studio has also been given a complete redesign to meet these sophisticated standards set. Importantly, Studio is empowered with a modern interface using CSS3 cascading style sheets and HTML5 features in addition to including visually striking and convenient video capabilities such as live teller assistance. With all of these elements, BankWorld ATM 5 and Studio combine to truly increase the service-oriented focus of banks and actively enhance the user experience of customers.

With BankWorld ATM 5 and Studio, we are presenting an offering which is truly differentiated in the market. By enhancing end user experience through improved ease of use, customer service centre integration and highly configurable branding, bank customers will get the convenience and personalisation at the ATM which they demand, along with a simple, intuitive usability. Through enhanced campaigns and branding, BankWorld ATM 5 and Studio combine to give banks the customer reach, consistency, branding capabilities and power to quickly update campaigns which will keep them one step ahead of the competition.

The design suite includes:

Screen design: buttons, background, banners
Product design: loan, new card with rules
Campaign design: segmentation, targeted campaigns, rotation scenario