Armored Vehicles

Armored vehicles carry enormous amounts of cash and other precious commodities. Operating on a regular schedule and set routes creates the first layer of protection. But that predictability also makes them targets of organized crime. offers a complete set of mobile products with a powerfully designed VMS for mobile management. Basic security devices, added layers of protection, and intelligent alarm systems for specified situations all integrate to provide you with a robust armored vehicle security system.

Keep your assets safe in transit with EMV products.

Key Benefits

  • GPS history playback
  • Centralized management
  • Video backup and storage
  • Real-time GPS positioning & tracking
  • Alarm management and reaction for emergency events
  • Two-way intercom for timely communication

Route Deviation Alarm
Real-Time GPS Positioning & Tracking

Armored vehicles must drive in precise routes from each location to the next in order to meet the highest safety requirements. An armored vehicle not proceeding along the specified route would trigger an alarm at the monitoring center, sending security personnel into action.

These routes and deviation ranges can be pre-set on the GIS map for each vehicle. Once the system detects a vehicle diverging from its route, the mobile NVR will automatically report the information to the monitoring center with an alarm message.  
This system can locate a moving vehicle in real-time using a GIS map, and track a vehicle’s route status by displaying icons with identifying colors. This solution can also provide other detailed information as well, such as a vehicle’s coordinates and speed, along with preview and playback, real-time tracking, and dynamic notifications.

GPS Historical Video Playback
Driver Behavior Analysis

Track the movement of vehicles using vehicle ID and specified time periods. Colored lines indicate each route status. Examples: a route that has not been reviewed is shown in light blue, and when a vehicle exceeds the speed limit, the route will be red.
Irregular driving behaviors can be automatically detected by a camera, triggering an alarm in the system. Operators at a monitoring center can then communicate with vehicle drivers using two-way audio, effectively preventing unwanted incidents.